What Makes Our Scopes Different


Expertly Designed Reticles

Our mission is to design optics that offer an efficient means of enabling a shooter to gain full weapon capabilities as much as possible. We pride ourselves on being reticle designers first and engineer each optic to account for the projectile ballistics from common weapon systems, ammunition, and environmental conditions.

Rapid Reticle-EVOLUTION-3G-2.0

Spend Your Time Shooting, Not Doing Math

Most optics are based on increment of measure whether MOA or MRAD. Although this can work, you will spend more calculating for elevation differentials, distances, and other variables affecting ballistics. Our patented Rapid Reticle designs account for most of these variables, so you can spend more time shooting and engaging targets.   

Choose Your Scope

We design our reticles around the most common rifles and ammunition. Each optic has a list of compatible calibers based on variables such as barrel length and ballistic coefficient. You can easily choose the right optic for your rifle, and if you can’t find the information for a particular caliber, we’re available to help you!

Zero Your Weapon

Your zero is extremely important, so we give specific instructions on how to do so. Zero your rifle to the zero distance specified for your optic, and fine-tune at a longer distance with the corresponding holdover. This will give you the highest level of precision for all distances within your rifle’s capability.

Engage Your Target

Once you have a ranged target, hold the corresponding distance holdover on the reticle and confidently engage your target with ease.

Precision Long-Range Shooting

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