The 17 HMR/Winchester Scope You Need

Looking for a .17 HMR scope? Let’s learn a little about the history of the ammunition before purchasing it.

History of .17 HMR & 17 Winchester

The .17HMR and the .17Winchester Super Mag are the smallest firearm caliber you can find. The .17 HMR was developed by Hornady in 2002 and has been a widely used varminting , practice, and match caliber. The .17 HMR never surpassed the .22LR in popularity because of its expense (about 3x that of 22LR) .

But it is still technically the flattest shooting round out there.

The .17HMR is a great round for some varminting, but not for larger game hunting; unless you put the round into a wild boar’s head at 300 yards.

Most of the time it will take down the game. Many coyote hunters prefer the .17 HMR or the Winchester Super Mag to take their game at closer ranges.

Firing this supersonic bullet at small targets like a squirrel will likely cause it to explode. The caliber is great for hunting raccoons, prairie dogs, foxes, and even coyotes if the wind is right.

The small size and shorter range limit its use for hunting small or medium-sized game. The fact that the .17 HMR is more expensive than the .22LR doesn’t detract from the joy of putting these small projectiles down range with the ease of a .22 Caliber rifle.

The .17 HMR family offers several bullet weights and velocities;  depending on what you intend to shoot.

In 2007, we at PFI introduced our first .17 HMR rifle scope in a straight 6X optic with the reticle designed to be used with the .17 HMR only; with no illumination.

In 2009 we took the scope a step further. By popular demand, we rolled out our 3-12×42 scope offering both the reticle for the .17 HMR and the .17 Winchester Super Mag! And 3-color illumination in red, blue, and green.

The numbers on the right are calibrated for the .17HMR; out to 300 yards max range, and the .17 Winchester Super Mag on the left; calibrated out to 400 yards max. This allows the shooter to shoot from zero out to the max range without using “Kentucky Windage” to guess the distance.

20 grain at 2,375 feet per second
17 grain at 2550 feet per second
15.5 grain at 2,525 feet per second

Hornady Mach 2
17 grain at 2,100 feet per second
15.5 grain at 2,050 feet per second

If you mount our scope on a .17 Winchester Super Mag, here’s some data for you:

Hornady 17 Winchester Super Mag 20 grain V Max Express at 3000 FPS; that’s why our reticle for this cartridge goes out to 400 yards!

I personally own a Savage .17 HMR and never get tired of shooting it with our Rapid Reticle .17HMR/WSM 3-12×42 mounted on my rifle.  To commemorate the PFI 17HMR/WSM, we are having a sale on these scopes and hope that if you have been waiting to get yours; now is the opportune time to do so.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your comments or questions. Every PFI employee is a knowledgeable shooter and happy to assist. We guarantee you will love our products, or we will take them back!

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    1. Hi Barry, that’s one of our original scopes. We have made many improvements including illumination. The new 3-12×42 are made in
      China now. let us know if you want to order one. John
      John Pride
      President, PFI Inc.

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