How To Care For and Maintain Your Rifle Scope

Your Pride Fowler Industries BDC rifle scope is a high-quality optic, and properly maintaining it is key to its performance for years to come. 

Adhering to these tips and guidelines will keep your optic in top shape regardless of whether you are a competition shooter or a casual user. 

How to Care For Your Rifle Scope’s Exterior

Inspections at regular intervals are recommended to maintain your rifle scope properly. This can help you identify minor issues early when they are easier to address. 

Check for indications of worn areas, loose mounts, or scratches. Next, evaluate your turrets to ensure each one moves smoothly.  

The exterior of your scope can be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth to remove any dirt. Be sure you are not using anything abrasive, as this can easily cause damage. 

Complete the process by wiping down the scope with a dry, soft cloth, being sure to remove any moisture.

Do not use any gun oils or solvents. Using these products on your optic will void your lifetime warranty.

How to Care For Your Lenses

You will likely need to clean the ocular eyepiece more often than the objective lens. Preventing any dust or debris from scratching your lenses is the goal.

Do not clean your lenses simply for the sake of doing it. The lenses should only be cleaned when there is dust or debris that is impacting your visibility. 

We cannot state enough that you must use great care when cleaning the lenses. Any lens cleaning solution must be specifically formatted for high-quality glass and lens coatings. This type of solution should not leave any residue on your lenses.

Be aware of the amount of lens solution you are using. Only a few drops will be necessary. Do not apply it to the lens with any object other than your soft cloth. Even a cotton ball can scratch your lenses.    

Only use a soft cloth, such as microfiber, to clean the lenses. Always examine your cloth before use to ensure no abrasive particles are present. 

We do not recommend using compressed air or blowing on your lenses to clean them.

How To Properly Handle and Store Your Scope

The longevity of your scope and its lenses largely depends on how you handle and store it. 

Always pay attention to how you lay your rifle down, especially on hard surfaces. Place your rifle so that nothing contacts the lenses or impacts the scope. 

Lens covers are highly recommended when your scope is not in use, including when it is in storage. These lens covers help to protect your lenses from any dirt or debris that can cause scratches. This inexpensive accessory is a critical component in properly caring for your lenses. 

Keep your rifle in a padded, fully enclosed case when it’s not being used and store it where it will not be bumped or fall over. Be aware of the humidity levels and any direct sunlight in your storage area, as these elements can impact the integrity of your scope and rifle. 

Recommended Products & Accessories

Investing in quality cleaning products is recommended. Lens cleaning kits specifically for optics will more than pay for themselves. This kit usually includes a lens cleaning solution and microfiber cloth. We can link to a kit if there is a specific one recommended.

Lens or flip-up caps are vital for protection when your rifle is unused.  We offer flip-up caps for the objective lens and ocular eye-piece individually or together as a set. We recommend having an extra set on hand in case your current caps are broken or misplaced. 

You can ensure precise and optimal performance when you are shooting through proper care and maintenance of your BDC scope. With regular inspections, careful cleaning, and proper storage, your scope will remain a reliable accessory when you’re in the field. 

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