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Size does not matter regarding the Rapid Reticle SOPS-Compact Reflex Red Dot Sight.

This small package optic offers a 5 MOA pulse LED red dot and is versatile and powerful.

It can be applied to any firearm, including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and even archery applications.

With more than 20 different mounts available, the SOPS-Compact can be depended on in many situations. Its most popular configuration is tandem with an ACOG or long-range optic, allowing a shooter a fast CQB option when the situation quickly changes, as it often does in combat.

Even battery changes are easy with the flip-top cover eliminating the need to dismount the unit for battery replacement.

Whether tandem or the primary optic on a handgun, the SOPS-Compact is easy to use, durable and made to last.

4 reviews for SOPS Compact

  1. Sean

    I’ve had great sucsess with this site in a number of different applications , durable Great battery life, great bang for the buck!

  2. Henry Toribio

    I am a competitive shooter and have used the RR SOPS-Compact dot for over 2 years. I have it on my PCC rifle and my carry optic. I have put 40,000 rounds through it and it’s still accurate, reliable, and durable. I would definitely recommend it.

  3. DALE

    I have put 1000’S rounds through my 9mm pistol! no change of point of impact , long long battery life ! and easy battery change with out changing point of impact. !! cant wait to mount one on my AR.

  4. Travis P.

    I purchased my first red dot optic at least 10 years ago for my shotgun. I have 3 or 4 of them now that I use on different applications I use at work. They have always held zero, been dependable, held up to harsh weather conditions, dealt with high temps while sitting locked in a vehicle. It’s definitely water resistant, they has been rained on more times than I can count due to the wonderful weather I have in my area. This red dot is about as close to bullet proof as you can get. I trust my life on it all the time. Well worth the money.

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