• Patented Rapid Reticle BDC for over 180 common hunting loads with holdovers to 700 yards featuring Rapid Ranging for 10″/20″ objects, 10mph wind holds
  • Nitrogen filled one-piece 30mm diameter 6061 T6 aluminum tube with matte black anodized finish
  • Shock, fog, and water proof multi-coated lenses
  • 3-12x42mm with ocular fast focus and objective parallax adjustment
  • First focal plane reticle with true ballistic holds throughout the magnification range
  • Positive 1/4 MOA adjustments on low profile target turrets with reset to zero feature 3-color illumination with intensity rheostat (red, green, blue)
  • Temperature Operating Range (C): 70C to -17C
  • Eye Relief (mm): 100 @ 3x – 75 @ 12x
  • Eye Relief (inch): 3.93 @ 3x – 3 @ 12x
  • Field of View (ft@100 yds): 33 @ 3x – 8.3 @ 12x
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 12.5 @ 3x – 3.5 @ 12x
  • 30mm Rings Included

In Stock End of September!

The Pride Fowler Industries RR-Evolution H (3-12x42mm) is designed for over 180 of the most common hunting loads that include the .270 win, .243, 30-06, .224 Valkyrie, and 147 gr .308.

The patented Rapid Reticle BDC reticle has holdovers out to 700 yards and also includes data to compensate for wind and Rapid Ranging for 10” and 20” objects. Even further, below the 700 yard hold, there is a series of crosses that will allow shooters to determine their holds for targets beyond 700 yards. Other new features include shooter mils for on the main stadia lines for calculated ranging, impeccable BK-7 glass, 3-color illumination, target turrets, a parallax adjustment, and a ocular fast focus. Its 3-12x42mm body offers an effective magnification range and rock solid one piece 30mm tube.

The RR-Evolution H is an advancement in optics that will drastically reduce the learning curve for long range precision shooting. By removing the need to manually adjust or calculate impacts, riflemen can engage targets at a higher rate of speed and accuracy.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13.8 in
Comparable Ammunition

.224 Valkyrie
.300 WM
.338 WM
300 Weatherby
6.4 MAG
7.62 NATO/.308 (147-150gr)


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