• The PFI RR-Evolution-3G-2 (1-6x24mm) is designed ideally for 16” rifles using 5.56 NATO (.223 REM) and 7.62 NATO (.308 WIN) ammunition.
  • The reticle will however, compensate and provide impact guidance for multiple bullet weights, barrel lengths, and elevation changes. In particular, 55gr or 62gr 5.56×45 and 168gr 7.62×51 are the most ideal to use. The RR-Evolution-3G-2 BDC design features several innovative proprietary technologies that enhance the performance of the weapon system to allow for faster target engagement.
  • In addition to the ballistic compensating holdover markings that provide impact guidance from 100 to 900 yards, features like Rapid Ranging helps the user range targets by providing an instant distance approximation for 9” and 18” objects.

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  • The Rapid Guide feature provides clear guidance for impacts when the optic is set on low power magnification where the BDC reticle is reduced in size due to the first focal plane design. With the RR-Evolution-3G-2 design and ease of use, the learning curve for both short and long-range precision shooting is drastically reduced for any shooter from novice to expert.
  • The RR-Evolution-3G maximizes the performance and capability of the common 16” weapon system giving the user versatility not found in any other optic.
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9.1 in
Comparable Ammunition

.223 Rem/ 5.56×45 (55gr, 62gr)
.308 Win/7.62×51 (168gr,175gr)




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