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  • Pride Fowler Industries (PFI) Rapid Reticle RR-Evolution-3G BDC Reticle designed for 7.62 NATO and 5.56 NATO with holdovers to 900 yards and featuring Rapid Ranging (9” and 18” objects), wind holds up to 15mph
  • Rapid Guide feature that assists with fast acquisition of targets and indicates point of impacts at low magnification
  • Nitrogen filled one-piece 30mm diameter A6063 aluminum tube with metallic mat black anodized finish
  • Shock, fog, and water proof multi-coated impeccable BK7 glass
  • 1-6x24mm with fast focus eyepiece
  • Positive 1/2 MOA windage and elevation target knobs with a built-in reset-to-zero feature and turret caps
  • Red illumination with (9) intensity rheostat settings and (2) night vision settings
  • Weight (oz.): 1
  • Length (inch): 1
  • Eye Relief (mm): 5 @ 1x     76.5 @ 6x
  • Eye Relief (inch): 56 @ 1x     3.01 @ 6x
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 5 @ 1x     4.60 @ 6x
  • Field of View (feet@100 yds):
  • Temperature Operating Range: 70C to -17C

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The Pride Fowler Industries Rapid Reticle 3G LPVO multi-purpose optic has been designed for use with 5.56×45 (55gr/62gr .223REM) and 7.62×51 (168gr .308WIN).  The patented BDC has ballistic holdovers to 600yds for 5.56×45 and to 900yds for 7.62×51.  The reticle provides other critical ballistic information that will reduce engagement time and maximize the performance of 16” weapon systems and others using ammunition with similar ballistic coefficients. The RR-Evolution-3G BDC is designed to be psychologically easy to translate during critical moments with high duress.  It not only provides ballistic holdovers for compatible ammunition but also ranging brackets for 9″/18″ objects, wind holds to 10mph to compensate for wind or moving targets, and Rapid Range which provides impact guidance at low magnification.  Further, the innovative 3G reticle provides versatility for the operator to adapt to changing conditions such as elevation and barrel changes.  For 7.62×51 (168gr), the right side offers ballistic holds at 500ft elevation, and the left side offers ballistic impacts above 6,000ft elevation or for a 20″ gun at 500ft elevation.  The ballistic holdovers indicated on the left side can also be used for 150gr ammunition at 500ft elevation from a 16″ gun. The 3G offers a choice to shooters whether for hunting, competing, or any other situation requiring instant critical data for precision engagements.  Combined with the superior quality of the rugged 1-6×24mm scope body and impeccable clarity of the high-quality optical lenses, the RR-Evolution-3G is a formidable optic system that is truly versatile and powerful in ever-changing field conditions.
Comparable Ammunition

• 7.62×51 (168gr): BC: 0.447-0.505 @2510ft/s
• 7.62×51 (168gr): BC: 0.431-0.447 @ 2,405ft/s
• 7.62×51 (175gr): BC: 0.496-0.505 @ 2,530ft/s
• 7.62×51 (147-150gr): BC: 0.397-0.410 @ 2,600ft/s
• 5.56 NATO (55gr, 62gr, 75gr): BC: 0.234-0.272 @ 2660-3200fps
• Other ammunition with similar BC and muzzle velocity
• The reticle will however, compensate and provide impact guidance for multiple bullet weights, barrel lengths, and elevation changes. In particular, 55gr or 62gr 5.56×45 and 168gr 7.62×51 are the most ideal to use.



12 reviews for RR-EVOLUTION-3G

  1. Henry Toribio

    I am a competitive shooter and have used the RR Evolution 3G Scope for 3 gun matches for 2 years. I wouldn’t trade it for any other scope. It feels like I have the better advantage over my competition. It is also durable and rugged. I love the green color on my black rifle!

  2. Sean White

    I have used the RR-evolution-3G for around a year. I have kept it on my 16inch 5.56 because it has continued to serve me well. If you have the ability or knowledge to estimate range and wind this is a scope for you. It simply removes the math you would need to figure out mils at distance to put rounds on target. When fractions of a second count to make a life or death shot, why add complexity to the equation. Range…wind…hold…squeeze. I simply can’t say this any clearer, this is your best bang for the buck $$$.

  3. Bryan Carnes

    This is by far one of the best Optical I have ever owned I love the quick engagements and the hassle free simplicity

  4. Travis Warner

    Quality glass. And great target acquisition through all magnification. You can pay more for a scope and not get this kind of quality. Will definitely purchase again.

  5. DALE

    wow, this scope has taken my hunt to a higher elevation, quick to find your target . i recommend for hunting or target shooting. used this scope on a Ruger ranch rifle to take last years elk, fast to acquire animal, and clarity is top of the line.

  6. Jacob Washburn

    Put this scope on an ar 10 and absolutely love it! The glass is clear and the reticle is so easy to use. Rae and John are the two best people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Their customer service absolutely cannot be beat. I cannot wait to get a variety of their scopes in the future to put on future builds. If you are thinking about getting one of their scopes stop thinking and do it, yiu won’t regret it!

  7. Melinda Hennessey

    I have been using this scope on my AR for 3 gun competitions for short range and long range. The glass is crystal clear and the reticle makes it easy to adjust your hold for the different target distances. It easy very easy to switch back and forth between magnification levels. I wouldn’t recommend any other scope!

  8. Dennis Santiago

    I have put this scope on a series of rifles. It’s been on an AR-15 and an LR-308. It has worked admirably on both. But now the scope sits on a Remington 788 in .308 where it serves as the optic for a big game rifle. And it really shines for this application. The magnification range is just right. The reticle allows for hold offs by eye with ease. It’s about as perfect as it gets for a sporting gun optic.

  9. Travis P.

    I got a couple of these for duty rifles for myself and my wife. To say that they were a perfect addition to the weapons is a bit of an understatement. Glass is clear, Reticle is great for holdovers, has enough zoom for easy target identification for the ranges we work at. PFI makes things simple for the end user and gives us great products. This was just another home run out of the park. Thanks PFI

  10. Trae Johnson

    Where do I start with this scope? It’s amazing. I rapidly engage targets out to 900 with my AR-10. The glad is so clear and the price is right. I have several other models. This was my first and I love it. I’ve used it for more then just the range and it holds up.

  11. Derek R

    Great optic for the money. Crystal clear, awesome zoom range and the Rapid Reticle BDC is so SIMPLE to use! Ranging and transitions are a breeze. Been using it for over 2 years on a regular basis (between 8-10k rounds) without any issues.

  12. Ben

    Great optic for the money. Easy to use. Takes care of all of the guess work and calculating for you so that all you have to do is stay on target. Crystal clear.

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