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The Rapid Reticle 3-G Multi-Purpose Scope by Pride Fowler Industries, Inc CR. US Patented; has been designed specifically for competition for use with 7.62×51. It is also compatible with the 5.56×45 weapon platforms out to 900-yards.

This reticle compensates for the ballistic drop of 168gr 7.62×51 ammunition. It provides other critical ballistic information that will reduce engagement time and maximize the weapon system’s performance with 16″ barrels and others.

The Rapid Reticle 3-G will provide ballistic drop data, ranging on 9”/18” objects (Rapid Ranging), Mil-ranging, wind holds out to 15mph, and impact guidance for low magnification utilization (Rapid Guide).

The various ballistic data allow for adaptation to elevation, barrel length, and ammunition changes. Combined with the superior quality of PFI’s 1-6×24 scope body, the PFI 3-G is a formidable optic system that is versatile and powerful in the ever-changing competition environment.

It offers a choice to shooters competing in 3-gun matches and others, critical instant ranging data, and extends the capabilities of common weapon systems. The scope can also be used for various hunting applications. The 1-6×24 has a Heavy-Duty; One-Piece 30-MM tube and comes with Turret protective caps.

Owner’s Manual: RR Evolution 3G-2

  • Pride Fowler Industries (PFI) Rapid Reticle RR-Evolution-3G BDC Reticle designed for 7.62 NATO and 5.56 NATO with holdovers to 900 yards and featuring Rapid Ranging (9” and 18” objects), wind holds up to 15mph
  • Rapid Guide feature that assists with fast acquisition of targets and indicates point of impacts at low magnification
  • Nitrogen filled one-piece 30mm diameter A6063 aluminum tube with metallic mat black anodized finish
  • Shock, fog, and water proof multi-coated impeccable BK7 glass
  • 1-6x24mm with fast focus eyepiece
  • Positive 1/2 MOA windage and elevation target knobs with a built-in reset-to-zero feature and turret caps
  • Red illumination with (9) intensity rheostat settings and (2) night vision settings
  • Weight (oz.): 17.1
  • Length (inch): 9.1
  • Eye Relief (mm):   90.5 @ 1x        76.5 @ 6x
  • Eye Relief (inch):   3.56 @ 1x        3.01 @ 6x
  • Exit Pupil (mm):    16.5 @ 1x         4.60 @ 6x
  • Field of View (feet@100 yds):  90.53 @ 1x 17.45 @ 6x
  • Temperature Operating Range: 70C to -17C

Product Manual

• 7.62×51 (168gr): BC: 0.447-0.505 @2510ft/s
• 7.62×51 (168gr): BC: 0.431-0.447 @ 2,405ft/s
• 7.62×51 (175gr): BC: 0.496-0.505 @ 2,530ft/s
• 7.62×51 (147-150gr): BC: 0.397-0.410 @ 2,600ft/s
• 5.56 NATO (55gr, 62gr, 75gr): BC: 0.234-0.272 @ 2660-32
• Other ammunition with similar BC and muzzle velocity


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