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  • Rapid Reticle BDC for .22LR HV holdovers to 220 yards and subsonic holdovers to 190 yards with Rapid Ranging (9″ objects) and wind holds to 10 mph
  • Nitrogen filled one-piece 30mm diameter 6061 T6 aluminum tube with matte black anodized finish
  • Shock, fog, and water proof multi-coated lenses
  • 3-12x42mm with fast focus ocular and objective parallax adjustment
  • First focal plane reticle with true ballistic holds throughout the magnification range
  • Positive ¼ MOA adjustments on low profile target turrets with reset to zero feature
  • 3-color illumination with intensity rheostat (red, green, blue)
  • Temperature Operating Range (C): 70C to -17C
  • Eye Relief (mm): 100 @ 3x – 75 @ 12x
  • Eye Relief (inch): 3.93 @ 3x – 3 @ 12x
  • Field of View (ft@100 yds): 33 @ 3x – 8.3 @ 12x
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 12.5 @ 3x – 3.5 @ 12x
  • 30mm Rings Included
  • Weight (oz): 22.1
  • Length (inch): 13.8

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The Pride Fowler Industries RR-Evolution-22LR (3-12x42mm FFP) is the latest innovation in rimfire optics. Designed from the ground up with input from shooters around the globe, this optic is absolutely superior to any other optic for the .22LR.

With the new Rapid Reticle BDC design, the RR-Evolution-22LR not only has holdovers out to 220 yards but also includes suppressed data out to 190 yards. Other features include Rapid Ranging which allows instant ranging on 9” objects, impeccable BK-7 glass, 3-color illumination, target turrets, a parallax adjustment, and a fast focus ocular. Its 3-12x42mm body offers an effective magnification range and a large objective to gather more light at dusk and dawn.

The RR-Evolution-22LR is innovation at its best and will help shooters maximize the precision performance and effectiveness of high velocity and subsonic .22LR without manual adjustments or calculations.

The RR-EVOLUTION-22LR is compatible with:

.22LR High Velocity @ 1200-1350 ft/s – Federal Lighting, CCI Blazer, Winchester Power Point, Remington Gold Bullet HP, and many other brands

.22LR Standard Velocity @ 900-1025 ft/s – Remington, PMC, Winchester, Federal match, CCI, and many other standard velocity 22LR

Comparable Ammunition

.22 LR
.22 LR High Velocity @ 1200-1350 ft/s- Federal Lighting, CCI Blazer, Winchester Power Point, Remington Gold Bullet HP, and many other brands.
.22 LR Standard Velocity @ 900-1025 ft/s- Remington PMC, Winchester, Federal Match, CCI, and many other standard velocity 22LR ammunition.
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6 reviews for RR-EVOLUTION-22LR

  1. Sean

    This optic is fantastic Bang for the buck ! The retical is incredibly versatile in that it has calibrations for both supersonic and subsonic ammo

  2. Henry Toribio

    I am a competitive shooter and have been using the RR Evolution 22LR Scope. It has very clear glass. Once you dial it in, it almost makes you feel like you’re cheating. It’s also durable and rugged. I’ve been running it for 2 years and I’m very satisfied.

  3. DALE

    This was my first PFI scope, I was sold on the clarity, the ease of ranging my targets, finding the correct range hash mark etc….

  4. Travis P.

    This is an incredible scope for the money. If you have a 22 and like to shoot and push the limits and go just a little further, this is the scope you need to get. It’s great for holdovers and the reticle is accurate if you stay within the manufacturers specs for ammunition. It works really good for subsonic ammo also. Glass is good and clear. Makes a great addition to any 22 rifle that will accept a scope. A definite bang for your buck.

  5. Dennis Santiago

    Bar none, this is the most versatile scope I’ve used on a rimfire rifle. It’s a big bore scope with a smallbore reticle. You can do holdovers on targets which facilitates engaging fleeting targets like small game faster with accuracy. The graduations for both standard and high velocity ammunition make this scope very flexible when paired with almost any rimfire. After trying it on numerous rifles, I presently like it best on a Marlin 925 with a tuned Timney trigger in it. It’s a sweet combination.

  6. Derek R

    This optic is a blast out on the farm! The reticle is perfect for ranging out nutria along the banks of the irrigation ditches. A blast with the kids out target shooting with the 22 as well!

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