Low Turret Replacement Caps For 3-12×42 Scopes


Protect the windage dial on your rifle scope with this low turret replacement cap in black.

These caps fit several of our scopes:

Our precision-engineered Low Turret Replacement Cap in Black provides extra protection for your scope.

This cap seamlessly fits over your scope’s turret, ensuring maximum protection and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Durable Design: Our low replacement cap is made with quality materials and built for all environments. It provides lasting durability and protection for your scope’s reticle adjustments.
  • Secure Fit: Our low turret replacement caps provide a secure fit. They offer protection from environmental elements that can impact your reticle’s performance.
  • Easy Operation: The cap’s ergonomic design ensures easy and smooth operation.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a hunter, this turret cap is a must-have accessory.


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