H&K MP5 and G3 Guarded Mount


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H&K MP5 and G3 mount for the SOPS-Compact.

Our H&K MP5 and G3 Mount was designed exclusively for SOPS-Compact sight. This mount was expertly engineered to ensure a secure fit during shooting. 

Key Features:

  • Protection: Securely protect your sight against environmental impacts. This mount securely and snugly fits your H&K MP5 and G3 while offering enhanced protection for your sight.
  • Stability: This mount enables stability to keep your sight firmly in place, even under recoil or rapid-fire scenarios.
  • Quick Sight: Our design allows your sight to perfectly align with your sight line to increase accuracy.

We offer 20 mounts to provide a secure fit for your SOPS-Compact with your weapon of choice. 

  • H&K Models MP5/HK91/HK93 Mount with wing protectors
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum, anodized, black


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