Stand Up For Our Freedom: Second Amendment Is Non-Negotiable

As we meander down the road this new administration is taking us, many of us are pondering the state of our nation and the freedom it has been known for.

It is often mind-boggling how a nation that touts its freedom is mired in a fight for the basic rights the founding fathers set forth for us and our government to abide by. This fight is critical for the future of this country and what it will look like in the coming years. 

A Descendant of Vietnamese Refugees

For myself, I am a descendant of Vietnamese refugees who fought Marxist communists in an attempt to save their nation. The ones that survived had escaped and arrived on American soil through the kindness and philanthropy of strangers.

Those who came to the United States and thereafter taught their children the horrors of the fight against communism have enormous gratitude for this nation. Their children, myself included, continue carrying the torch of gratitude.

As time passes and our society evolves with technology, it seems that the lessons of the past fall on deaf ears or are just forgotten. Stories like when Viet Cong stormed my grandfather’s home at dinner time to detain him.

My grandfather, a well-known figure in the region fighting for freedom, told my teenage father and uncle to escape into the jungle through windows to survive and fight on. They escaped.

The Ultimate Sacrifice in the Fight for Freedom

My grandfather, on the other hand, was marched into the jungle and executed. More than 40 years later, my father traveled back and swallowed his pride. He asked one of those men who stormed the house and became an authority figure in the region to show him where my grandfather was murdered.

My father found what was left of his remains with the collar of the shirt he was wearing that night. This is just a single story out of millions that should be told to remind others of leftist tolerance.    

Learning the Lesson of Freedom

The lesson we all should learn is within the parties involved in that incident.

Which group promises “free” education, healthcare, food, and basic necessities to entice its followers?

Which group is dictating which freedoms are unnecessary or dangerous to society?

Which group is using class warfare and identity politics to create division?

Which group is excitedly burning books, sabotaging discussion, and blocking the flow of information?

Which group’s vitriol and action are causing property damage, bodily injury, and even loss of life?

The similarities between what my family saw and what we see within our nation are uncanny and an enormous conundrum. How does a nation that has fought so hard to become the beacon of freedom have so much rife within it?

How are so many Americans so ungrateful for their nation and ready to submit to tyranny? They are giving away their most precious freedoms for things that should be earned, not given.

An Un-American Movement

Before our eyes, there is a growing group of people promoting Marxist ideology within our country. It is as un-American as it gets. It’s not coming from some lonely guy on a street corner and sign. It is from people in positions of power within our society.

Our Children’s Education

In complacency, we entrusted our government with the task of educating generations of children. But those positions are filled by people who consistently undermine our country’s values and freedom in lieu of an agenda of outcome equality.

They are literally in charge of a curriculum that teaches critical race theory and common core math and espouses positions that question the basics of life, like a person’s sex or gender.

They have taken away the Pledge of Allegiance, physical education, and classes like civics, history, and economics in attempts to churn out generations of physically weak and unpatriotic children unprepared for life, but yet, their diploma says otherwise.

This piece of paper that used to acknowledge achievement now equates to a fast-food coupon for existing.

Those people who are not able to think critically go on to have children who will reach for yet another lower bar and are even easier to convince to give up their freedoms for some “free” stuff.

The Value of Our Money

Our government pillages the US dollar by printing enormous quantities of money and diluting its value. Everyone who saves that money loses percentage points of buying power daily, making life harder and harder to live. 

Since 1978, the US dollar has literally lost 75% of its value.

Not enough people are mathematically or economically intelligent enough to notice. They are unaware that our nation’s adversaries are positioning themselves to take over industry, commerce, resources, and influence to overcome the industrial might that brought our nation incredible prosperity. It is being squandered on “things” that make people “feel” good.

These issues are not isolated to a region or a state. This is happening everywhere in every corner of our country. The media is complicit in suppressing the sentiment and exaggerating nonsense to distract us from these valid concerns.

The leftist strategy was brilliant. Instead of discussing whether to win or lose, the focus was on controlling who has a voice and influence. I guess there is no winning for an ideology that murdered more than 100 million people in the past century.

It is still absurd that so many wanted to be a voice against American values, which created a path for them to be where they were in the first place. But I hear the pay is good.

Fighting for Our Freedom

Most Americans are good-hearted people who want peace, prosperity, and safety. They have shown their fortitude time after time.

We are the only people who have fought for the freedom of the oppressed. We are the only ones that have gone overseas to do the same for others.

Last I remember, it wasn’t the Brazilians who liberated the Pacific from the Japanese, Somalia who liberated Europe and Africa from the Germans, or Canada who won the Cold War.

Ordinary Americans from all walks of life in every part of the country made it their duty to execute the directive to fight, sacrifice, and win in the name of freedom.

I understand that life can be tough despite ordinary Americans’ courage and bravery. We work endlessly to sometimes just put food on the table or a roof over our heads…day in and day out.

As the dollar loses value due to the government’s endless spending, we must work harder to make the same money. We are too busy making it work to consistently take the time to teach the next generation the fundamentals of being American: to have freedom, to work hard, and to have the guts to overcome any obstacle in our way. Alas, we must.

We MUST step up to do what we asked the government to do. We must teach our kids the basics of functioning as self-sufficient humans in American society.

Otherwise, we will lose what we know is great about our country. And they will lose what they didn’t even realize they had. 

The Importance of the Second Amendment

Second amendment rifle scope

Every right we have from our creator dictated in the Bill of Rights, is protected by the Second Amendment. Our newest generations must understand what is clearly stated in those few sentences.

Even more so, it is paramount that every generation understands this.

We all have given into compromise for the betterment of society and our freedoms, whether we wanted to or not. We now see how those compromises have weakened the resolve of a nation over the precious freedoms that have all been taken for granted, even though those rights were achieved and maintained by the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers.

Political Maneuvers

We all watched as private entities encouraged by certain politicians silenced an American president. We watched as a political party used political appointees to conspire to lie, deceive, and manipulate the system to create false evidence to persecute a sitting American president.

What’s to stop them from unjustly persecuting any American on a false pretense?

If they could do these things to the President of the United States, what can they do to you or me? The Second Amendment is the last line of defense for the people against tyranny.

Protecting Our Borders

It is well known that the Japanese refused to invade the United States mainland. They knew that guns were in the hands of American civilians. I wonder at times whether gun control advocates and leftists have already decided to submit to a foreign invader.

Are they hell-bent on weakening the American people by disarming and poorly educating the younger generations? So when some other country decides to waltz across our borders, all people can do is submit to their demands or die trying to repel them, especially without the armament the left is adamant about banning? This is assuming that our military might is inadequate to protect us.

After all, we would rely on the indoctrinated generations mentioned above, who might be more concerned with social issues rather than being warriors. The Pentagon is making it no secret that they are quite woke these days. The current administration reversed just about everything #45 did for our country, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they stripped the military of their funding, either.

Alas, on June 4, 2021, a federal court declared California’s ban on assault rifles unconstitutional.  It only took 32 years, but the judge stated, “Like the Swiss army knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment…”.

Brilliant, yet completely obvious to those who had to abide by this ban for the last 3 decades. Let’s see how the 9th Circuit handles the appeal from the leftists in office. 

The Answer for the Future

With all this in mind, returning to the fundamentals of being an American might be prudent.

Instead of letting the kids incessantly play video games in their spare time or having them glued to TikTok, we should consistently chat about history, politics, economics, or something with substance they can take with them into adulthood.

After all, parents are responsible for preparing children for life by teaching them what they don’t know. Maybe we should go on that camping, fishing, or hunting trip to give them skills that helped our ancestors survive through the centuries.

Maybe we can utilize that math we learned and put them behind a rifle to ding some steel at a distance. Then, you can have a great time together, and they can learn to appreciate the importance of the Second Amendment and great marksmanship.

Maybe all these things can be consistently integrated into our daily lives to cement what it means to be American. 

It seems that freedom is the greatest commodity this country has to offer the world, but there will always be those ready to chip away at it.

Freedom Is Not Just a Word

The concept of freedom goes well beyond just saying the word. It has pros and cons, but ultimately, having a choice to decide your journey is what it is all about.

Freedom comes with a price and a burden of responsibility, but this is the United States.

We should not constantly fight for our freedom if we prepare generation after generation to be grateful for it, enjoy it, spread it, and harness it for their endeavors.

We must embrace that responsibility and be open to learning or adapting to the evolving world. However, the rights clearly stated in our Bill of Rights apply no matter how the world changes.

Our rights are non-negotiable; that is how all Americans should see it. We are the only beacon of freedom on this earth, so fight for it in your home, locality, or national stage.

Fight the good fight so my family’s story doesn’t become yours. 


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