Our Freedom and Second Amendment Are Non-Negotiable

As we meander down the road this new administration is taking us, many of us are pondering the state of our nation and the freedom it has been known for. It is often mind-boggling how a nation that touts its freedom is mired in a fight for the basic rights the founding fathers set forth for us and our...
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Looking for a .17HMR scope? Learn a little about the history of the ammunition before purchasing. The .17HMR and the .17Winchester Super Mag are the smallest firearm caliber you can find. The .17HMR was developed by Hornady in 2002 and has been a widely used varminting , practice and match caliber. The .17HMR never surpassed the .22LR in popularity...
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First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane

Trying to determine the right optic for your weapon system can be a daunting task. These days, there are so many features, reticles, and scope bodies that finding the right balance for your needs can be difficult. One of the things to determine is whether you want an optic that is in First Focal Plane (FFP) or in Second...
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MRD’s (Mini Red Dot) Sights on Firearms

Many of you have more than likely seen or fired a firearm with a MRD (Mini Red Dot Sight) mounted on it. Most do not know that the Red Dot (Reflex sight) type of aiming system has been around since 1903! It was just not originally in the technological form we see today, but there is a US Patent...
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Ammunition Drought – Time to Think About Reloading

There is an ammunition shortage these days, and if you can find ammunition for sale, the prices are extremely high. If you have never reloaded your own ammunition, you are missing out on all the fun as well as being able to afford to shoot your guns these days! Here in California, if you want to buy factory ammunition...
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16 Years Since Our First Shot Show

In 2002 Pride Fowler Industries designed the first Rapid Reticles, launching the company to the public at the 2004 Las Vegas Shot Show. With 19 years of production and expertise in the industry, we maintain our goal of providing scopes that create an effortless experience for all shooters, novice to expert. Pride Fowler Industries developed, patented and perfected the...
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