A Guide To Rapid Ranging & Quick Target Acquisition

Rapid Ranging addressed one of the most important components of precision shooting – ranging the distance of your target. This is important to determine where in the ballistic path of your bullet you should hold for a precise impact. 

In most circumstances, when time is on your side, a target can be ranged precisely with an external device like a laser rangefinder or even by calculations, whether by MRAD or MOA. 

However, firearms are also often used in critical situations when time is of the essence and seconds matter. When designing our reticles, Pride Fowler Industries realized the need to range targets quickly and has incorporated features to give shooters the ability to range targets within an acceptable deviation for fast target engagement. 

This feature is called Rapid Ranging.

What Is Rapid Ranging?

The Rapid Ranging system is based on 9” and 18” targets (unless otherwise noted for specific PFI optics using 10” and 20”). These are common sizes often found in shooting environments, from target shooting to hunting to the battlefield. 

The PFI RR-Evolution line utilizes a series of brackets down the center of the reticle that represent either 9” or 18” at the corresponding distance holdover.

The Rapid Ranging feature starts in the center of the reticle:

  • A 9” object will fit precisely between the two arcs on center if it is at 100 yards. 
  • That same object at 200 yards will fill half of the space between the arcs. 
  • For 18” objects at 100 yards, they will fit within the bolded marks that extend from either side of the arcs and within the arcs at 200 yards. 
  • At 300 yards, 9” objects will fit the horizontal portion of the “T” and 18” objects will fit from the “3” on the left side to the “3” on the right side.

After that, each holdover from 400 yards has a space on center, along with down ticks on either side. The space is 9” at the holdover distance, and 18” objects will fit between the downticks. 

Benefits of Rapid Ranging

It provides an easy methodology for ranging. It allows the shooter to scroll a known-sized target up the center of the reticle until the object fits a particular bracket, giving the approximate distance of the target. 

Once the target fits, it can be engaged immediately, resulting in a precise impact with an acceptable deviation. The sacrifice for extreme accuracy vs time is sometimes necessary depending on the situation. 

Testing With The U.S. Army

The Rapid Ranging feature was initially implemented in the RR-900-4 optic designed for the US Army’s M14EBR program per request of REF (Rapid Equipping Force). 

Pride Fowler Industries won that contract and provided the army with the RR-900-4 for these new designated marksman rifles. Field reports showed that the RR-900-4 was a resounding success on the battlefield. 

The Rapid Ranging feature took the complexity out of ranging targets. It gave DM’s (Designated Marksmen) the ability to engage targets faster than ever without requiring intensive sniper training. 

We proved at both Triple Canopy and with USSOCOM at Camp Roberts that our BDC reticles could reduce engagement time and increase first-round hit probabilities on ten unknown distance targets (100 yards to 800 yards) by as much as 80% and 70%, respectively. 

It was an honor to contribute to GWOT (Global War on Terrorism) by giving our soldiers another tool to expedite their mission.

Since then, we have further refined the Rapid Ranging feature for all of our customers, as these mission-critical features have been implemented in the entirety of the PFI optics line.             

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