19 Years Since Our First Shot Show

In 2002 Pride Fowler Industries designed the first Rapid Reticles, launching the company to the public at the 2004 Las Vegas Shot Show.

With 19 years of production and expertise in the industry, we maintain our goal of providing scopes that create an effortless experience for all shooters, novice to expert.

Pride Fowler Industries developed, patented and perfected the use of the ballistic drop compensating reticle into an incomparable line of powerful optics. This is are our passion and all we do!

Other scope companies produce hold-over type reticles, including mil-dot and ballistic that require years of experience to operate at full effect. No other company offers the accuracy and simplicity of the Rapid Reticle regardless of the shooter’s expertise.

Our Co-Founder John Pride earned hundreds of titles winning Police, World and National matches in his 55 years as a professional and competitive shooter.

Due to his talent and reputation, John received sponsorships from the world’s top scope companies.

John began his shooting career at age 17 in High School and after graduation enlisted as soldier with the 101st Airborne unit in Vietnam.

After serving his country, John became a Ballistics Forensic Detective and Bomb expert for LAPD. During his 24 years with LAPD he also served as a shooting instructor for officers in the US and around the world.

John understands firsthand the needs of shooters and how to enhance their skills. With the help of his reticle designs, shooters can engage targets without calculations or manual adjustments.

What are you waiting for? Give our scopes a try today and see how you can experience the accuracy of an expert shooting with the Rapid Reticle.

Please contact us with your comments or questions. Every PFI employee is a knowledgeable shooter and happy to assist. We guarantee you will love our products, or we will take them back!

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