Testimonials and Customer Comments

The SOPS-Compact has been a great asset to my team throughout Operation Enduring Freedom X-XI. It is a great red dot to have mounted on any optic in which you have mounted on your weapon. Within my detachment we have three Sops-Compact’s, one is mounted on an ACOG, and the other two are mounted on RR-CQLR-1’s. This red dot is perfect for reflex firing and when operating in close quarters. It is simple to install, zero, and use. For the M4 the RR-CQLR 1 with the SOPS-Compact is the perfect set up for soldiers in theatre. I along with another NCO switched to the RR-CQLR-1 as our primary optic. I was skeptical at first switching from the ACOG. After zeroing the RR-CQLR, I was very impressed with its performance. It is perfect for both Long Range target acquisition as well as Short Range. It combines the best aspects from three well trusted military optics. 1 CCO- you could put the RR-CQLR on 1X magnification and it still blows the CCO out of the water due to having the PFI reticle versus having only a red dot. 2 with the RR-CQLR on 4X magnification, it outperforms the well trusted ACOG due to its Range Finding Reticle. 3. You can range objects using the RR-CQLR without having to carry around a Range Finder. In my eyes the RR 900-4 is the perfect scope for the Squad Designate Marksman. The DM’s role is to supply rapid accurate fire on enemy targets at ranges up to 1,000 meters (1,090 yd) with a rifle capable of semi-automatic fire called a designated marksman rifle equipped with a telescopic sight. Like snipers, DMs are trained in quick and precise shooting, but unlike the more specialized “true” sniper, they are also intended to lay down accurate rapid fire. With this being said the RR 900-4’s reticle surpasses that of the current standard issue Mark 4. This scope enables the DM to rapidly engage targets up to and beyond 1,000 meters without the use of a gunner. The PFI RR-900-4 outperformed the Mark4 in every aspect for the DM without the use of a spotter.
-SGT William R – Lincoln, NE

Just purchased another of the 3-9x 22 LR RR’s, and put it on my Ruger Charger handgun. Not long ago I also put a new 10″ Kidd Barrel on the rig and it shoots lights out with many different bulk ammo loads. The 1st day out i took my computer with me with ballistics program to calculate long range zeros for the reticle for a couple of loads. I put up 2 steel targets, one at 150 yds. and the second at 200 yds. I zeroed the rig at 50 yds. with a 5-10 mph wind from 4:00. I started to run the ballistics through the program when I looked up and said, “Awhh, what the heck”? and went for it. I loaded a couple clips with the 2 loads that were within the parameters set for the reticle subtensions, put the 150-yd. line on the center of the target and fired a shot. Lo and behold, it hit darn near dead center. 4 more shots produced a 5-shot 3″ group an inch or two low of center (see photo of four lowest marks [5 shots]). The second load (3 upper shots in picture) hit a bit higher but still on the 8″ square steel. I couldn’t believe this kind of performance from a 22 rimfire handgun at this range. I then turned my attention to the 200-yard steel and shot 8 more times with both loads producing a 6″ group. I was astounded. Sure is nice to have a multi-stadia ballistic reticle that didn’t require any special calculations for zeroing purposes. I’ll be checking 200-300 yard zeros soon using the 200 yard line with additional MOA comeups using the low-profile turret system. Man what a great optic you guys have there, and the varmint rodentia in this part of the country better look out.
-Steve H – Pueblo, CO

After using the RR-CQLR-1 optic for hog hunting, I will say that this is the perfect hog and predator hunters’ scope. The glass is crystal clear, the reticle is one of a kind and it’s a bonus that is illuminates. It is perfect for both long range shots and close range shots. Plus the scope just plain looks cool on my rifle. If your serious about hunting you will want this scope, it will not disappoint!
-Michael S – Conroe, TX

I was on a quest to build my ideal Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). I had made my mind up after having 43 years worth of shooting experience on just about every conceivable semi-auto out there, that the modern AR10 platform was the way to go. I’ve always been fascinated by the Leatherwood ART scope, and the Shepard ballistic compensating scope. While I was researching those two, I came across your scopes, and after much reading, and re-reading of both your site, and reviews by third parties. I decided your 3-9×42 800 Series was the right scope for me, and my DMR project.
-Tom K – Buckeye, AZ

In one week I have killed two deer using your scope ( 3X9 .308 reticle). I recently wrote you requesting an illuminated scope and tonight it was almost a must. A perfect neck shot at 143 yards. The amazing glass in your scope enabled me to gather enough light to see the shape of a rather tall rack ( around here ) and the white blaze of the deers throat. I carefully aligned your .308 reticle on that white blaze and with the help of this scopes fabulous glass I made a perfect shot. I don’t like bragging…..but I am willing to brag on your scope.
-RICK H – Sylvani, GA

My son and I have a range set up with a “bell” @ 250 yds. It is dead on when the rapid reticle 900 is at the 825 mark….We can ring it routinely with sub sonics, and the rifle is so stable that I can hit the .230 meter target standing leaned up against a door frame. Shot several hogs at 250 + yds, standard ammo, but that is so routine it is boring. Want to shoot a pig with a subsonic at that range. The longest shot I’ve made so far is a paltry 400 meters set up for day time. I like the 168 gr Spitzer boat tails.
-TIM R – Pearasol, TX

I met up with your employee “Jeff” at his house in Canyon Country on Tuesday morning. (Please thank him again for inviting me to his Home, he saved me a long drive to La Verne.) I checked out your RR800-1 scope and really liked it and bought it. I gave Jeff my Business card to give you. If you ever need anything do not hesitate to contact me ANYTIME. I have already had a few other Deputies asking about your scope at work. I have no doubt several of my partners will buy scopes from PFI.
-TODD S – Palmdale, CA

The first boar I’ve taken with the Action – 4 last weekend at around 11 PM. The scope worked perfectly, too bad we didn’t get this one on video, this one caught us on surprise.
-MICHAEL S – Conroe, TX

John, I wanted to thank you for the new scope. We have tested it thoroughly and my 11 year old son parker loves the reticle design. I have had many opportunities to talk with folks at the range about the new scope and have let them all shoot it. They are very impressed with the performance and accuracy at different distances. Having the reticle in the first plane is choice! We setup targets at 50, 75, 100 and 125 yards. I demonstrated the accuracy and speed with the scope white shooting 2 X’s on each target in less that 30 seconds. You cannot do that with other scopes with accuracy. I did shoot the gun at the 200 yard range and had a lot of fun watching the bullet being lobbed into the 10 ring. It was really fun checking targets with the guys while they were shooting their High Power stuff (expensive) and comparing targets, I got a lot of compliments and so did you. I gave several of the guys your website and hopefully you will be getting some business from that. I taught a rifle class the other day and used the gun and scope as a demonstration tool and actually shot it with the students. When explaining scope reticles and sight pictures, I included your picture from the website as an option as opposed to just crosshairs and good guessing. Thanks again for the customer service and I hope I can help sell some scopes for you.

-Marc S – Newark, CA

Well, Mr. Pride your scope preformed just as you promised, I have just returned from Colorado and harvested a cow elk. Your RR600 3×9 scope was mounted on my Remington 700, a 338 Win Mag. As we drove to the camp the temperature changed several degrees down… I inspected the lens and no fogging. On the 3rd day of sub-freezing mornings and 70+ during the day, it was time to put the scope to the test. After ranging several points and likely ambush local’s my target appeared moving away and was within the ranged points I quickly lined up the correct recital cross hair and I have attached an after the dust settled photo. P.S. Several of the guys at the camp want the RR600 they were impressed… and so am I
-Best regards, Dale

I shot this deer at 685 yards with the RR800 on a 308 Savage BVSS, with a 168 gr. Hornady A-Max, 44.5gr.of AA 2520, CCI BR Primer. The deer hit the ground on the first shot and never got up. This scope does everything you say it will do. It is the only scope to use for long range shooting in my opinion. The adjustment knobs are like no other. I’ve said once and will say it again; this scope is the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks for building a supreme product!
-Mick S

I just wanted to say that the .22 scope is probably the coolest thing I have ever used! I took it to the range and sighted it in on the 100yd pin, I then set up balloons from 50yds out to 200yds in 25yd increments, eight shots & 30sec later no more balloons!(I missed once). It was awesome. I let my dad use it to cure his rodent problem at our farm; he shot an armadillo in the head at 125yds on his 2nd shot! My Dad thought it was so cool he wants one for his .308. Can you advise me on the best scope for a sub MOA .308 bolt rifle? I am quite fond of your RR800-2 because of the side focus knob. Are there any advantages or disadvantages compared to the RR800-1? Thanks for all your help and keep making great optics!
-Justin C

Used your 3×9 scope these past two days on squirrels. Really nice scope. My buddy said that my scope was more clear than his Leupold.
-Thanks, Charlie

Hey John, The scope arrived today. I tell you what, I am REALLY impressed !!!!! The optics are so clear and bright !! This is an A++++ scope. 1st class all the way !! Thank you. You WILL have my recommendation should anyone ask ( and even if they don’t ask they will get it anyway (grin)). I hope the .223 one in the works will be high power target model. Please keep me informed on both the .17 and .223.
-Best Regards, Rick K

I have this scope on a savage bvss in 308cal and I load a hornady 168gr. A-max at 2685fps. Evey thing you say this scope will do,it does. I have taken an antelope at 637 yds, deer at 407yds,cow elk at 313yds,the elk was head shot because I felt that confident in your scope. The other two animals were one shot kills also. I THINK YOUR SCOPE IS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD. THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT,