John Pride


John Pride was a Los Angeles Police Detective and retired after 23 years of service.  He worked as a forensic firearms expert as well as a bomb technician with the Bomb Squad.  As a competitive shooter he has won 20 major matches throughout the world both in police competition and Action Shooting; 4-time NRA National Police Champion and 4-time National Action Shooting.  He holds 5 world records for NRA Police PPC and Action Shooting.  He has been a team member of 8 world championship titles.

Going back a few years, he started competing on th R.O.T.C Rifle team at age 16 at Lincoln High School in Los Angeles.  When he graduated high school in 1966, instead of pursuing his college hopes he joined the the US Army to become a member of the 101st Airborne Unit; trained in artillery and also taking on training as a medic at Fort Sam Houston Texas.  He deployed to Vietnam in December 1967 just in time to take part in the Tet Offensive of March, 1968, while operating in th Hue, Phu Bai are of Vietnam.  He received the Combat Medical Badge and the Bronze Star for his service.  When he returned to the United States he kissed the ground when he got off the plane, as many returning soldiers did.  He admired the men that were drafted and stepped up to the plate to serve their country and defend liberty, and didn’t think much of those who ran North to avoid the draft.  And when he returned home realized that the country was shifting direction rapidly, not in a good direction.  In 1970, John raised his right hand again and swore to defend the liberty and Constitution of the United States of America and became an LAPD officer.

After working patrol for 5 years he became a firearms instructor at the LAPD Academy and began shooting on the Police team, which he did for over 35 years.  During this time, he also shot on commercial teams; Aimpoint and Tasco, as well as Team Safariland.  He learned that if you worked hard, had the right equipment and listened to those who those who have succeeded, that eventually you could be the Champion.  John was part of the transition team that trained LAPD officers to switch from revolvers to semi-automatic pistols in 1986.  Since then, he went on to get the course POST certified and went on to train the Taiwan Police, Belgium Police and Australian Police in the use of semi-automatic pistols and many more not mentioned.

John shot on Team Tasco for many years.  He and teammate, Mickey Fowler, went on the found Pride Fowler Industries.  Mr. Pride has spent much of his life dedicated to designing and building innovative, high quality, affordable optics that make precision shooting easier for everyone, novice to expert.  He is applauded by many and is especially proud to have been able assist the men and women in all branches of the US military with their mission in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places in the world where Americans are serving in the name of this great nation.


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