RR-900 SERIES 2.5-10x40mm with Rapid Ranging - PFI Tactical Series

Scope Information

The newest addition to the Rapid Reticle family, the RR-900-1 was designed to military specifications for US Army snipers and infantrymen shooting both .223 Remington (5.56 NATO), .308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) and other ammunition with similar ballistic coefficients. With the patented Rapid Reticle ballistic reticle and the new integrated head and shoulders ranging system called Rapid Ranging, military snipers and infantrymen can now acquire, range, and engage targets faster and accurately shoot without manual adjustments.

The illumination extends the use of the scope in low light conditions and has been designed to work with night vision equipment. Field tested thoroughly by veteran snipers, this scope has been accepted as a standard through the US Army Force Modernization division where the RR-900-1 surpassed all expectations. Noted as a “Force Multiplier”, the RR-900-1 has emerged as an exemplary necessity for both combat and commercial applications.

Owners Manual

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Fast Focus Eye Piece 2.5-10x40mm
Nitrogen Filled One piece 30mm diameter 6061 T6 aluminum tube with matte black anodized finish
Proof Shock, fog, and water proof multi-coated lenses
First focal plane reticle allow for accurate shooting throughout power range without manual adjustment
Positive ½ MOA Windage and elevation clicks on the low profile target type knobs with zero stop wheel
Illumination Power 2032 3V lithium button battery
Battery life 9 days @ full power, 1 year if turned off when not in use Spare battery compartment in windage turret
Weight 23.63 oz.
Length 13.5 in
Eye Relief (mm) 97.00 @ 2.5x 92.00 @ 10x
Eye Relief (inch) 3.82 @ 2.5x 3.62 @ 10x
Field of View (feet@100 yds) 36.00 @ 2.5x 12.00 @ 10x
Exit Pupil (mm) 13.00 @ 2.5x 3.89 @ 10x
Temperature Operating Range 71C to -20C



Publisher Review
Team Lakota and Crowe of the US Army C-CO LRS 1-134th R&S deployed in Afghanistan took a break and had a range day to test and evaluate Pride-Fowler’s Rapid Reticle tactical optics. The RR-900-4, RR-CQLR-1, Action-4, and SOPS-Compact were all fully tested and proved to be outstanding optics giving the teams the ability to range and engage multiple targets at variable distances faster without manual adjustments or even the use of a spotter. They are excited to use the PFI optics as their primary sighting systems for the rest of their deployment.


Publisher Review
I have written about and followed the Pride-Fowler series of scopes since their inception. I liked their first line ofscopes, and they just keep getting better. With their new tactical entry, I am even more impressed. Like many other American companies, they provide the specifications and the Japanese build them accordingly. The Pride-Fowler 2.5-10x40mm RR900 is a top-quality scope with great glass and very useful elevation and windage dials, holdover bars, illumination.


Publisher Review
The scope arrived packed in a heavy box with foam lining that is cut for each part that comes with it (scope, bikinis covers, flip caps and mounts). The manual is nicely detailed – you will see some of the pages I use in this T&E. Note you will not see the Pride Fowler mounts in this review. Since I already had my LaRue mount, I told Mr. Pride he didn’t need to send them. The scope feels very solid with clean lines and good fit and even matt finish. Everything that is supposed to be solid is and everything that is supposed to move does so smoothly. Windage and Elevation adjustments are tactile enough for gloved hands and snap firmly in place with more of firm “thud” than a high “click” that would carry through quiet night air.