The Rapid Reticle 3-G Multi-Purpose Scope by Pride Fowler Industries, Inc CR. US Patented; has been designed specifically for competition for use with 7.62×51. It is also compatible with the 5.56×45 weapon platforms out to 900-yards. This reticle is designed to compensate for ballistic drop of 168gr 7.62×51 ammunition and provides other critical ballistic information that will reduce engagement time and maximize the performance of the weapon system; with 16″ barrels and others.

The new 3-G Scope comes with a complete kit including flip up caps (2) and all-aluminum 30mm rings (1).



Our New Scope, the RRE-3G is Performing Better than Expected!

The 3-G Gets Positive Reviews from Most Shooters.

The PFI RR-Evolution-3G has been designed specifically for use with both 5.56×45 and 7.62×51 16″ barreled weapon systems.  The patented 3G reticle is designed to compensate for the ballistic drop of 5.56×45 ammunition to 600 yards and 7.62×51 (168gr) ammunition to 900 yards.  It also provides other critical ballistic holdover information that will reduce engagement time and maximize the performance of the weapon system such as ranging brackets for 9″/18″ objects, 0 to 10mph windholds, and impact guidance at low magnification (Rapid Guide).  Further, the innovative 3G reticle versatility for the operator to adapt to changing conditions such as elevation and barrel changes.  For 7.62×51 (168gr), the right side offers ballistic holds at 500ft elevation, and the left side offers ballistic impacts above 6,000ft elevation or for a 20″ gun at 500ft elevation.  The ballistic holdovers indicated on the left side can also be used for 150gr ammunition at 500ft elevation from a 16″ gun.

The 3G offers a choice to shooters whether for hunting, competing, or any other situation requiring instant critical data for precision engagements.  Combined with the superior quality of the rugged 1-6×24mm scope body and impeccable clarity of the high quality optical lenses, the RR-Evolution-3G is a formidable optic system that is truly versatile and powerful in the ever changing environment.


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