Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the reticles etched?
A: Yes, all of our reticles are etched.


Q: Are the scopes fog proof?
A: The scopes are fog, shock, and water proof.


Q: What type of warranty do the scopes have?
A: Every PFI scope is covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty which guarantees your scope from any manufacturer’s defect for the lifetime of the product line.


Q: If I have a problem with one of my scopes, where do I have to send it back to Japan or do you handle repairs here?
A: If you have any problems with your scope, please contact PFI for authorization, and we will have you send it directly back to us. We will evaluate the problem and inform you of the next step.


Q: I bought one of your scopes. What is the screw that is angling out from the turret housing on the lower left side?
A: The piece on the turret housing you are talking about contains a coil spring which helps hold correct windage and elevation adjustments. This should not be moved or adjusted in any way.


Q: Are all of your optics first focal plane?
A: Yes, we only develop first focal plane optics because we believe that a shooter should always be zeroed at any magnification at any time.  This concept makes our reticles easier to use and more efficient.


Q: I am an avid pairie dog hunter and am very interested in your scopes. I was wondering if you have a scope available for .223 caliber, an adjustable objective, a variable 12 or 14 power magnification? I appreciate any correspondence concerning this matter.

A: We currently have the RR 600 and RR 800 series which will work with the heavy high B.C. 223 caliber bullets. Example: 75. Grain Hornaday A-Max 223. @ 2,900 FPS works with the RR 600 and RR 800-2 (10X42). We do not have a variable magnification optic with 12 or 14 power magnification at this time.


Q: I am ready to purchase a Springfield Armory M1-A. I want to put an innovated scope on it. Are your scopes compatible with the M1-A or not? I do not wish to purchase your (or anyone else’s) scope to have it damaged by an ejected case striking the scope and destroying it.

A: PFI has put RR-800 scopes on many M1A rifles. We have not had any problem with ejected cases striking the scope.


Q: Do you have any plans for a reticle that is ranged out to 1000 yards if so when? I really like your scope from everything I have read.
A: Our RR-900-1 is calibrated for 1,000 yards.


Q: What is the best way to zero my scope?
A:  Each optic includes an manual with instructions on zeroing.  Our optics either zero on 50 yards, 100 yards, or 100 meters on center.  It is highly suggested that after zeroing on center, you should fine tune the holdover with the impact at the farthest distance you intend to shoot or available to you.  This will reduce deviations caused by different barrels and ammunition.