RR-CQLR 1-4x24mm with Rapid Ranging

Truly innovative and functional, the RR-CQLR-1 “Force Multiplier” scope system is calibrated for the .223 Remington (5.56 NATO), .308 Winchester (7.62 NATO), .30AR, and other ammunition with similar ballistic coefficients. Once zeroed, shooting from zero to 600 yards becomes possible without manual adjustments and allows for windage corrections up to 10 miles per hour.

The illumination feature allows shooters to sight targets in low light conditions. There is also an integrated Rapid Ranging system within the reticle that allows for instant ranging of targets using ranging brackets for targets 9″ in diameter. If it fits, it will hit! Also, on 1x magnification the sight becomes a reflex sight for CQB with zero distortion. The quality and performance of this scope system has been highly rated by military and police shooters who have field tested the system, both on the range and in combat, the ultimate testing bed.


Rapid Reticle BDC with holdovers to 700 yards (supersonic) and 350 yards (subsonic) for .300BLK and 7.62×39 with Rapid Ranging (9” /18”objects) and wind holds up to 10mph.

• Nitrogen filled one piece 30mm diameter 6061 T6 aluminum tube with matte black anodized finish
• Shock, fog, and water proof multi-coated lenses
• 1.5-6x24mm with fast focus ocular
• First focal plane reticle with true ballistic holds throughout the magnification range
• Positive ¼ MOA windage and elevation clicks on low profile target type knobs with reset to zero feature
• Digital push button illumination (red) with push button adjustment
• Weight (oz.): 22.4
• Length (inch): 11.0
• Eye Relief (mm): 88.9
• Eye Relief (inch): 3.5
• Field of View (feet@100 yds): 64.6 @ 1.5x 25.3 @ 6x
• Temperature Operating Range: 70C to -17C
• 110-130gr .300BLK B.C. 0.29-.350 @ 2200-2300fps
• 208-225gr .300 BLK B.C. 0.629-0.648 @ 990fps
• 122-124gr 7.62×39 B.C. 0.480 @ 2400fps
• 150gr JSP B.C. .0.331 @ 2000 fps
• Other ammunition can be used that produce similar ballistic coefficients

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