Pride Fowler Industries, Inc

Pride Fowler Industries, Inc, a company known for innovation and not imitation, has created a line of high quality optics that is revolutionary in the field of shooting. Since 2002, PFI has perfected and patented the ballistic reticle and developed the use of these reticles into a full line of powerful optics.

With John Pride and Mickey Fowler at the helm, two very proficient shooters that have won the Bianchi Cup 8 times between them, the Rapid Reticle family of rifle optics grew with an optic for almost every type of common load used by riflemen across the world. Each reticle is designed to reduce the amount of time required to engage a target by offering holdover, wind, and ranging information in a way that is psychologically easy and fast for a shooter to translate especially in situations of duress or when time is critical.  This results in faster target engagement with higher precision.

Militaries, law enforcement teams, and sportsmen all over the world depend on PFI products to perform. There is no margin for error as lives depend on these optics. This is why each scope is made of the toughest materials and is thoroughly tested again and again to ensure quality. Many scope companies have produced hold-over type reticles, including mil-dot, MOA, and ballistic, none have offered one that is so simple to operate for all users from novice to expert. The Rapid Reticle line of optics are offered are designed by shooters for shooters.