Pride Fowler Industries and US Optics have teamed up to develop a mil-spec optic for 7.62×51 carbine platforms such as the FNH SCAR17S, LaRue OBR 7.62, and LMT .308. This focus of the joint venture is to develop the ultimate combat optic for operators using these systems that maximizes performance whether CQB or long range while offering expected durability, reliability, and quality as a standard.

The U.S. Optics, Inc. SR8 rifle scope is the most versatile and rugged short to medium range rifle optic ever designed. With the new 8:1 zoom ratio, this optic can be used like a reflex sight at true 1X, but also allows threat identification and engagements at distances in excess of 800 yards. Optical clarity is achieved through a precision engineered lens system; careful consideration is given to the use of lens coatings. The FFP reticle allows for ranging and holds off points. The SR8 has 100 MOA of total travel and 2/10 mil knobs. U.S. Optics, Inc. scopes are constructed of 6061 T-6 aluminum, then type III hard anodized, making it extremely durable. By using the finest materials and advanced engineering, the 762C is a lightweight, affordable scope that surpasses the competition.

Pride Fowler Industries new 7.62C reticle offers the most advanced ballistic reticle to date. The reticle is designed to provide holdovers for a variety of situations including 16″ carbines to 900m from 0 to 3000ft elevation using, 16″ carbines above 3,000ft elevation, and 20″ barreled rifles. Additionally, although the holdovers have been developed for M118LR ammunition (175gr), operators can also use M80 ball ammunition (150gr) as well. Even further, the reticle features PFI’s classic 10mph windhold data, Rapid Ranging that gives instant ranging on 9″ and 18″ objects, and Rapid Guide that gives impact guidance at low magnification among many other features. All this information is provided in a simple, clean reticle for fast target acquisition, ranging, and engaging.

Together, the USO and PFI collaboration proudly offers our brave warriors the 762C. This is innovative optic will help operators maximize the performance 7.62 carbine platform giving it further reach and precision than ever with world class reliability, quality, and durability as a standard.


Rapid Reticle BDC for .22LR HV holdovers to 220 yards and subsonic holdovers to 190 yards with Rapid Ranging (9” objects) and wind holds up to 10 mph.

• Nitrogen filled one piece 30mm diameter 6061 T6 aluminum tube with matte black anodized finish
• Shock, fog, and water proof multi-coated lenses
• 3-12x42mm with fast focus ocular and objective parallax adjustment
• First focal plane reticle with true ballistic holds throughout the magnification range
•Positive ¼ MOA adjustments on low profile target turrets with reset to zero feature 3-color illumination with intensity rheostat (red, green, blue)
• Weight (oz.): 22.1
• Length (inch): 13.8
• Eye Relief (mm): 100 @ 3x, 75 @ 12x
• Eye Relief (inch): 3.93 @ 3x 3 @ 12x
• Field of View (feet@100 yds): 33 @ 3x 8.3 @ 12x
• Exit Pupil (mm): 12.5 @ 3x 3.5 @ 12x
Temperature Operating Range: 70C to -17C
• .22LR High Velocity @ 1200-1350 ft/s – Federal Lighting, CCI Blazer, Winchester Power Point, Remington Gold Bullet HP, and many other brands
• .22LR Standard Velocity @ 900-1025 ft/s – Remington, PMC, Winchester, Federal match, CCI, and many other standard velocity 22LR ammunition

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